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classification of rubber products
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  Rubber is divided into natural and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber is mainly derived from the hevea rubber tree, when the skin is a natural latex rubber gloves, neoprene and PVCCut open, will be out of milky sap, known as latex, latex agglomerated, washing, molding, Silicone cake mould Silicone soap mould,Silicone strainer drying natural rubber. Synthetic rubber is composed of synthetic method and obtained, using different raw materials ( monomer ) can be synthesized from the different kinds of rubber. From 1900 to1910the chemist C.D. Harris ( Harris ) of natural rubber structure is isoprene polymers, which opens up the way for synthetic rubber.

  1910Russian chemist SV Lebedev ( Lebedev,1874- 1934) with sodium metal as initiator to make 1,3 - polymerization of butadiene rubber grown-up sodium, later appeared in succession again many new varieties of synthetic rubber, such as synthetic rubber, chloroprene rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber and so on. Synthetic rubber production has greatly exceeded the natural rubber, which yield is the largest styrene-butadiene rubber.
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